Academic Curriculum

We maintain Associate in Nursing unwavering commitment to tutorial excellence and holistic development of our students. By providing the proper tutorial inputs and a good biological process surroundings, we tend to build the journey of the kid from the primary hesitant steps until graduation pleasurable, enlightening and unforgettable. Our graduate is so Associate in Nursing academically well – equipped and mature shaver able to stand out within the next part of education in specific fields and life.


Learning is caring, sharing and responding!Walk by our preschool section and you may see thematic boards crammed with colors that brings each sort of life alive into the college. you’ll feel the colorful colors, music and also the joy of activity primarily based learning. These vital, initial years set the tone for the complete tutorial life for years to return. Bearing this in mind, utmost care has gone into the activity primarily based planning of syllabus, solely for the miscroscopic ones at Cosmopolitan Modal Vidyalaya.

Classrooms area unit supplied with custom-made article of furniture, bright visuals, show boards and a good array of Nursery equipments, indeed everything to beguile the miscroscopic learners. The academics gently lead the kids from the illustrious to the unknown through a noteworthy session of Interactive learning method.

The warmth and appurtenant atmosphere of house is replicated here. A child’s natural curiosity and joy in exploring its atmosphere, is given full rein within the Play –Way Methodology.


Learning is Exploring, Experimenting and Responding!This is that the next rung of the ladder. there’s a buzz of pleasure and activity within the air. Following the newest pedagogic trends, the Thematic Inter-disciplinary approach has been adopted at this level. The program encourages kids to explore their interests, as they move concentrically from the known to the unknown. there’s a great deal scope for power, self expression, development of social skills and team work.

The program addresses the distinctiveness of every kid and provides exposure on the far side the educational. Mime, dance, music and field visits – sports and a variety of hobby interests add new dimensions to the expansion of the kid.


Social interaction in addition to taking responsibility – acquiring the direction of Self Discipline.The Middle faculty, Grades five to seven, challenges the learners with a broader curriculum; It lays the inspiration for the highschool educational program. Study skills square measure honed, ideas instructed square measure totally grounded – cluster work and interaction with classmates cater to growing social awareness.

Resourcefulness and commitment to figure square measure inspired. Induction into the House system helps them to find out loyalty, and espirit Delaware corps. Use of the well stacked library for project work, enhances habits of self study. The spectrum of additional information activities offers scope for skills to surface in Dramatics, Music, Art, Dancing, Games and Sports. every student’s talent is channelised in a very vary of hobby clubs. Field visits and excursions square measure organized.

Tests and examinations now become a part of the assessment methodology and parents are kept appraised of the child’s academic progress and are provided a frequent opportunity to interact with teachers to assess the development.


Self confidence, Independence, Leadership, Social Awareness.

The Secondary Grades – eight to ten square measure a veritable bee hive of activity. Quality education – the most effective possible- is provided, taking into thought individual desires and aspirations. appropriately high demands square measure placed on the learners, with a read to stimulate high action. every learner receives personal attention and steering.

Students’ work is monitored on each day to day basis, through category work, home work and comes. Comprehension after all materials is tested, unit – wise and thru middle term tests and semester finish examinations. Progress reports and parent teacher conferences square measure an everyday a part of this program. further info activities type AN integral a part of the info.

Students actively participate in coming up with and organization of college celebrations and competitions and square measure inspired to check their skills at the lay college competitions. schoolroom activities like Elocutions, Debates, playacting presentation, Wordsmith, making and presenting advertisements enhance the students’ skills and constant observe hones them the varsity cupboard provides a valuable coaching ground for leadership.

Personality grooming is ensured through workshops on Life Skills, price Education, line of work direction and direction for immature issues. Regular direction sessions, in partnership with teams like school, facilitate in conveyance a few transmutation within the attitudes of the scholars. Workshops on counsel offer the requisite clarity and steering to our future engineers, doctors and entrepreneurs. Resource persons with necessary experience conduct these programs. each try is created to make sure that our graduates leave the secure portals of Cosmopolitan Modal Vidyalaya as self assured targeted voters.



At Cosmopolitan Model Vidyalaya, Assessment is continuous and comprehensive. within the preschool associated Lower Primary categories it’s an current natural a part of everyday activity. Students are assessed through worksheets and day to day activities. Student portfolios are maintained that contain the work samples and worksheets of each day activity.

For the center and High faculties, the student’s application to figure is assessed through category work, preparation and project work. The student’s power of comprehension is additionally evaluated through cyclic tests persisted a weekly basis and examinations conducted at the tip of every semester.

Evaluation is predicated on the student’s performance throughout the whole year and due weight age is given to any or all the tests/examinations, assignments and project work. Prizes/ benefit cards are awarded to merit able students.

The Cosmopolitan Model Vidyalaya cluster has forever stood for associated promoted the principle of high tutorial excellence and this remains an ineradicable mark of all the Cosmopolitan Model Vidyalaya underneath the Cosmopolitan umbrella.

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